Andrew is an amazing person and agent of service and quality. He’s great.


My wife and I began the search for the house we would be bringing our daughter home to back in January. With little knowledge on the process, needless to say we were overwhelmed. After a short conversation with Andrew, I knew I had found a person I could trust to help us with this seemingly enormous task. Throughout the last few months Andrew has made the entire process of finding, and eventually buying our home as easy as possible. I cannot give a higher recommendation, he did a fantastic job, saving us money and
headaches at every turn. I consider Andrew to be a good friend, great real estate agent, and an even better person. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, definitely consider giving him a call! Thanks again Andrew!

Jason + Liz P.

We had a great experience with Andrew. He listed and sold out rental property within one month. He was professional and his communication was top notch even while he was hospitalized. We would recommend Andrew and will use him again in the future.

Lisa D.

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Andrew McManamon. He showed us every house we wanted to see and had no issues with traveling. He also has a vast knowledge about houses and can point out any issues easily. We found an amazing home at an amazing price thanks to Andrew.

Dana M.

Thank you very much, I really would have been lost in this whole process without your help. You went above and beyond expected efforts to find me a home, and it will never be forgotten. From driving all over looking at the good, the bad, and the very bad of what the market had to offer, to submitting late night offers. I was never upset with your work. I plan on having a house warming party for this place at some point and when I do, you’ll definitely receive an invitation. Once again, thank you for everything Andrew.

Brian M.

Andrew is passionate for his work, he is willing to work as hard as he can to make himself and the customers happy, and he is willing to go out of his way to get the job done. I would recommend Andrew to anyone that is in the market to buy/sell a house.

Luke M.

Andrew is definitely the person you want to help you find or sell a home. His patience and understanding of your needs is a breath of fresh air compared to todays customer service “experiences”. Andrew has his heart in this and isn’t some used car salesman. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Danny M.