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Pros and Cons of Living In Novi Michigan

So, you have some interest in the Novi, Michigan area? Let this video be a resource to help you with your decision, as I will break down the pros and cons of living in Novi Michigan. Let’s get started shall we.

As I mentioned, I want to take some time and break down some of the pros and cons of living in Novi. For those of you that don’t know where Novi is located, it’s just a touch west of where the interstates 96, 696 and 275 collide, which is roughly 8 miles northwest of the city of Detroit and about 16 miles northeast of Ann Arbor. The population is just over 66,000 people spanning over 31.29 miles. Now that I’ve given you and Novi a brief introduction, I’ll jump into the good, bad and the ugly.


Starting with the good. It doesn’t take a geographer to see how amazingly convenient Novi’s location actually is. Like I said, you’re so close to the expressways, so your commutes are much more bearable. On top of that, Novi is off-centered between Northville, South Lyon, Walled Lake, and Farmington Hills, which all offer their own uniqueness and opportunity. The closer city is Northville, and if you’re curious about some fun things to do that way, hit the link HERE to see my most recent video covering just that.

Located near great cities, perfect expressway commute, what else could there possibly be to brag about? Oh yeah, just the Twelve Oaks Mall that has over 180 stores and is a great employment provider for all the nearby residents. If you’re curious what 5 ,10, 15, 100 stores have your name on it, I’ll put another link HERE so you can see what you can empty your wallet on every weekend. Another notable destination is the Suburban Collection Showplace, which I quote, is the largest, privately-owned exposition, conference and banquet center in Michigan. This 460,000 sqft facility sits on 55 acres of land directly off of the I-96 expressway in Novi, Michigan. Enough about the location, I don’t want to spoil your surprise when you come visit. 

Another pro is the Novi public schools. Based on a rating, Novi ranked #8 of 619 best public schools in Michigan. Don’t just take their word for it, take a look at a couple of reviews from current residents supporting that fact! Novi also has great job opportunities, as the city ranks among the top Oakland County communities for technology, research and service companies. One of the fastest growing cities in Michigan, Novi has had a 20% increase in population since 2010 and their goal to manage growth is to continue to attract commerce with its accessible location, since they partner with local, state and federal agencies to enhance infrastructure. Just to give a little financial perspective, the average national household income is around $62,000, whereas the average household income in Novi is over $98,000. I don’t know about you, but another $30,000 or so in my piggy bank would be pretty nice.


Jumping over to what you came here for, the cons. As you can assume with how much I rambled about the prime location, it would come with some consequences. Those consequences are increased home prices. The average price is around $420,000. You’ll see from other sources that the median lies in the high 300’s and even the low 500’s, and in reality, it depends on where you are in Novi, just like anywhere else, but the mid-400’s is most accurate based on the home inventory being sold in the last month or two. 

Another con is Novi being a popular shopping destination. From the Twelve Oaks Mall, town center, and wide range of entertainment from movies, bowling, and golf, to escape rooms, go-karts and events at the showplace, the city brings in a lot of traffic. Being so close to the expressways, it gets a little packed, so make sure you plan your routes accordingly or you’ll experience a little more bumper to bumper than you’d like.

As I have mentioned in a lot of my other pros and cons videos, I tend to talk about mom and pop shops a lot. This is a personal preference for me, and I’m sure a lot of you out there can agree. I enjoy having a town full of mom and pop shops instead of the same ole’ chain restaurants and stores we see every exit on the expressway. Novi tends to be full of chain restaurants and lacks a small town feel, but that is a preference and can be seen as a pro or con of course, depending on what you’re looking for in a town you’re wanting to live in.


For those of you that live, have lived, or made frequent visits to Novi, what is your favorite thing about it? Drop your answers in the comments below. 


Andrew McManamon is a licensed Real Estate Professional in the great state of Michigan. His philosophy to put people first has paved the way to his extraordinary real estate career. Born and raised in Brighton, MI, Andrew acquired a bachelors degree in business management and marketing from Cleary University in Howell, MI. The combination of his experience and education allows him to take a strategic approach towards every transaction and help his clients make more informed and confident decisions.

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